About us

VILLALOGIC Company was founded in 2009 as an international association of architects and designers working on the creation of modern concepts and high level projects of living spaces.

The basic principles of VILLALOGIC Company are rational approach and professional solutions in all spheres of architectural design.

Combining the experience of specialists from many countries, VILLALOGIC specializes in designing luxury private homes, residences and villas. Work on the project is carried out by profile specialists, while maintaining the general line of architectural idea that meets the customer's expectations.

Realizing that the objects of luxury real estate on one hand is the way of life and on the other is an important asset of our customers, VILLALOGIC provides mediation services in purchase and sale of such luxury objects around the world.

Architects and designers



  • Architectural design at all stages: concept, draft, architectural solutions, working documentation and supervision
  • Provision of services and ideas of the world's leading architects and designers
  • Architectural reconstruction design of buildings
  • Engineering solutions
  • Landscape Design


  • Project Management
  • Cooperation with reliable construction companies


  • The design of interior-built environments: from the design elements and objects to the interior as whole with the author's support
  • Selection of materials and elements for interior

Real estate

  • Sale the best finished and under construction suburban luxury real estate around the world